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Birth Doula Services

BumpWise offers Birth Doula Services, including pre- and postnatal home visits, as well as individualised pregnancy & birth consults.


Doulas are birth professionals who provide continuous emotional and physical support to a labouring woman and her partner, at home as well as at the hospital.


They work with a couple prenatally to identify their individual goals, needs and expectations, in order to help them achieve the birth experience they desire.


Our doulas are very experienced, each having attended over 300 births.


Call us to find out how we can work together - this initial exploratory call is without obligation or cost.

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Nursing Newborn

Support Tailored for You

We believe that every birth is unique and our services will always be tailored to your individual needs. We help you figure out what is most important to you and can connect you with care providers, hospitals and perinatal practitioners to achieve your goals.

We support all kinds of birth: low-intervention, drug-free, active births, but also epidural birth, inductions and planned caesarians. It is most important to us that you know your options to make informed decisions, and feel heard and supported in the choices you make.


We’re here to help you navigate birth in Singapore – please contact us to discuss your options and how we can help you best.


Our standard package for first-time mums includes:

  • Unlimited WhatsApp and phone support during business hours throughout your pregnancy

  • 2 - 3 prenatal meetings

  • 4 week 24-hour on-call period

  • Remote support in early labour

  • In-person support at home and the hospital in active labour

  • 2 - 3 postnatal meetings

  • Reliable backup

  • Use of TENS machine and other labour tools

  • Postpartum Healing CARE package

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