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It's all about YOU!

Birth is individual - and so are the choices you will make for YOUR birth.


As birth doulas, Johanna and Deanna have supported over 700 couples at birth, and accompanied even more parents throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period. We tailor-make our private consultations to your individual needs and can cover the following topics and more!

  • Exploring your Birth Options

  • Birth Plans

  • Finding your Obstetrician, Paediatrician, Anaesthesiologist, and Hospital

  • Choosing a suitable Antenatal Class

  • Connecting you with other Perinatal Practitioners

More than just birth

Our consultations don't just cover your birth options.


As a holistically trained clinical herbalist and naturopath as well as a BodyReadyMethod® Certified Birth Pro Johanna also offers prenatal consults that take a deep-dive into more holistic topics relevant for the perinatal period.

  • How to set yourself up for a  healthy, wholesome pregnancy

  • How our lifestyle, alignment and movement patterns affect the ease with which we birth

  • How to deal with common pregnancy conditions like iron-deficiency anaemia, fluid retention, Group B Strep, yeast infections, haemorrhoids and more

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