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Group or private... whatever works for you!

Whether you prefer to learn in a group setting and meet new people, or if your busy schedule means you prefer private sessions in the comfort of your own home (or a combination of the two!) - we are flexible to accommodate your needs! Call us to discuss your options and upcoming class dates!

Toby R.

“We had our first baby in Europe so were clueless about how to navigate the system in Singapore. After the refresher class we understood how different birth is here compared to back home, what to expect, and what questions to ask. We had also found new friends and an incredible support group. "

Melissa M.

Jin Ping N.

"A mother's best friend! I attended the antenatal classes by BumpWise, which were flawlessly organized. The information provided was incredibly valuable with a lot of hands activities which proved useful during labour.
It gave us a lot of confidence to know what our options are and be assertive in our choices."

Jean M.

“Giving birth during the pandemic meant we couldn't bring our doula to the hospital.
The BumpWise Birth Partner Booth Camp gave my hubby so many amazing practical tools that he could use to support me... and he felt to much more confident than the first time round!”
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